Member Clubs

40+ VL6, Premier Division
Club Name Contact Name Position
Barnardo Legends
Doulth Latif Manager
Shahajan Miah Secretary
Elite Veterans
Shakir Ahmed Chair
Shamim Hussain Director
Golden Moon
Shomir Khan Manager
Razul Hassan Joint Manager
London Kings Veterans
Zossim Uddin Manager
Asif Rob Secretary
London Tigers Veterans
Nurul Hoque Club Member
Mesba Ahmed Manager
Poplar Legends
Kobir Chowdhury Secretary
Rekhon Ali Manager
Technique Africa FC Vets
Redwon Junied Manager
Yusuf Hussein Secretary
Super 7 - S2, Premier Division
Club Name Contact Name Position
All Stars FC
Showkoth Uddin Manager
East London Kings FC
Mohammed Sahed Ahmed Manager
Qadar Chowdhury Assistant Manager
FC Buraaq
Asrar Mohammed Manager
Emranur Rahman Joint Manager
Mile End All Stars FC
Abdul Hussein Manager
Saturday Morning Crew
Ali Hussain Manager
Technique Africa FC
Redwon Junied Chair
Mohammed Manager
Wapping Youth FC
Nahimul Islam Chair
Nayim Ahmed Manager
Super 7 - S2, First Division
Club Name Contact Name Position
Beaumont Athletic Youth FC
Rashid Ali Chair
Shakeel Ahmed Manager
Burdett FC
Syful Alom Joint Manager
Mohammad Ali Vice Chair
Shahid Uddin Manager
Saadhek Uddin Assistant Manager
London Kings FC
Asif Rob Coach
Mohammed Zossim Uddin Secretary
Prince Regent FC
Tipu Samsudin Treasurer
Mohammed Rashidul Islam Chair
Senders FC
Al Mamun Manager
Sporting Green FC
Tasahood Choudhury Manager

All corrections and changes to the primary contacts listed above should be notified to the League Secretary immediately