Player Bans & Suspensions

The following table lists all the confirmed suspensions by either the league, LFA or other County FA's. It is the responsibility of the club managers to ensure that all suspensions that are marked Active are enforced by the club the player is currently registered with from all football activity organised by ILFL or any other affiliated competitions (if the suspension is imposed by a County FA) during the suspension period. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit for any and all fixtures in which the suspended player is played with an accompanying fine. All suspensions that are still active, including any from past season(s) will automatically carry over to the current season.

Suspensions imposed by the LFA or other County FA's are not restricted to any one league only. The ban is imposed on the player and as such it is in affect whatever competition the player plays in as long as the organising league is also affiliated to the LFA or other County FA's. Since it is not possible for any leagues to keep track of where and for what teams a player plays for, it is the responsibility of each player to inform their club (which participates in ILFL) of any suspensions that may have been imposed on them by the LFA or any other County FA's while playing in other competitions whether it be for the same club or a different one. The club participating in ILFL is in turn responsible for informing the league committee of the suspension so that it can be monitored and enforced.

For your reference, fixtures that do not begin for any reason or fixtures that are postponed do not count towards the suspension. Only fixtures that actually take place count towards the suspension, regardless of whether the match is later abandoned or not.

Ignorance of any suspensions on the part of either a player or club concerned will not be grounds for any appeal.

Club Player ID Player/Member From
Administered By Status
Riverside Vets 'B' 3649 Abu Jamal 17/03/2017 2 games ILFL Active
Redcoat 3815 Callum Kerr 26/03/2017 1 game ILFL Due
Beaumont 327 Abdul Bari 10/02/2014 Unspecified LFA Expelled
Stepney 'B' 2270 Abu Rizwaan Khan 10/02/2014 Unspecified LFA Expelled
London Legends 4971 Ben Clarke 17/03/2017 2 games ILFL Expired