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Club Player Name Played Goals
Camden Panthers Vets 'B' Melvin Thompson (Ryu) 8 8
Camden Panthers Vets 'B' Soyful Talukdar 5 5
Camden Panthers Vets 'B' Farooq Raza (Zangief) 5 4
Beaumont Masters 'B' Daniel Colin John Smith (Messi) 2 3
FC Stroudley Sabir Ahmed 6 3
Athletico Bengal Vets 'B' Aydin Aktas 7 3
Athletico Bengal Vets 'B' Sevki Aktas 8 3
Dagenham All Stars Vets Michael Agate (Big Mike) 3 2
Beaumont Masters 'B' Spiro Susa 3 2
Beaumont Masters 'B' Humayun Chowdhury (Humz) 4 2
Match History For:  Daniel Colin John Smith (Messi)
Note: Some details may be missing if the team sheets have not been completed yet
Competition Date Fixture Goals Scored Man of The Match Discipline
Midweek Vets 35+ Winter, TVL20, Fourth Division 09/05/2024 Beaumont Masters 'B'  v  Athletico Bengal Vets 'B' 1
Midweek Vets 35+ Winter, TVL20, Fourth Division 23/05/2024 Beaumont Masters 'B'  v  De Stars Vets 2