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Bromley By Bow FC was formed and established in 1990. The organisation was officially set-up in 2004.

The main objective of this organization was to use sports & other activities as a tool to divert younger members of the community from drugs, violence and anti social behavior, which has been alarmingly on the increase. We also wanted to increase participation by including as many young people as possible regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities to help develop various interpersonal skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, team work and also encourage individuals to express themselves in a positive way and realize their dreams. Our aim was to also address other delicate issues relating to health by educating the youth in the importance of exercise, healthy diet and the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.

To date, we have been extremely successful in achieving our aims and objectives. One of the ongoing activities we have been running successfully is our football programme. We have established 2 teams, one senior and one youth team and we hold practice sessions for the respective teams once a week. We strongly feel that we can continue to promote our aims and objectives as well as make a positive contribution to all the local residents.